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A Pink Floyd Celebration

by Noise11.com on November 12, 2022

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When Joseph Calderazzo presented ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ shows in 2019 he gave the Australian audience the closest thing to a Pink Floyd experience as we could get without any members of Pink Floyd.

Calderazzo’s curated band goes into great lengths to present a credible Pink Floyd experience.

This new 2023 show features Mick Pealing (Stars / Spaniards), plus guesting from Sydney,Marc Dakosta (Idol), Susannah Mirana (Moulin Roque), Wayne Jury and introducing Kate Daley.

You’ll hear hits like Money, Time, Us and Them as well as many of The Floyd’s other hits from various albums like Have a Cigar, Another Brick in the Wall, and many others!

Creative director Joseph Calderazzo (The Bloomvilles / Jenny Morris) will coordinate a superb eight-piece band including guitar great Shannon Bourne (Tex Perkins/Broderick Smith), Ian Tilley (Boom Crash Opera), Bennet Livingston (Lillye), Amy Nelson (Little Green) and Andy Burns (QED / Madder Lake).



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