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by Tim Cashmere on August 2, 2012

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Take one part Kraftwerk, one part Gary Numan and add a pinch of Can and Neu! and you’ll be somewhere in the ball park of what Cylinders sounds like.

After the release of his debut EP Communion, the synth-wizard’s tunes swept through airwaves and the intarwubz with people rushing their digital music playing devices to plug them in and get a copy (if you haven’t done that yet, do that, by the way).

You might have also heard his fingers tickling the plastic ivory-looking keys in bands such as The Bombay Royale and Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos as well as a guest spot on a recent Pony Face tune.

Check out this interview as the half-regular-voiced-man-half-vocoded-man himself lays down his story to Noise11’s Tim Cashmere.

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