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David Vodika, Rubber Records

by Paul Cashmere on June 21, 2015

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David Vodika founded Rubber Records out of his bedroom in 1989. 25 years later, the label lays claim to origins of some of the most innovative Melbourne produced music.

Acts that has passed through Rubber Records include Even, JET, Cordrazine, Underground Lovers, Crooked Fingers, Ice Cream Hands, Liquor Giants, 1200 Techniques, Ricaine, The Affected, The Grapes, The Casanovas, bZARK and The Genes.

Vodika started in the business with no prior experience but had a good set of ears and chose well. Even, Ice Cream Hands and Cordrazine established the credibility factor for Rubber and created the platform for many of Melbourne’s alternative acts to pass through.

Now 25 years in, David Vodika reflects on an historic chapter of Australian music with Paul Cashmere at Noise11.com.

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