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by Noise11.com on March 11, 2022

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Hoodoo Gurus have released their 10th album ‘Chariot of the Gods’ coming 12 years after their last album ‘Purity of Essence’ in 2010. That’s the same time as it took Hoodoo Gurus to release their first nine albums from ‘Stoneage Romeos’ to ‘Blue Cave’.

‘Chariot of the Gods’ is worth the wait and in fairness, we were drip fed and number of songs over the past two years leading up to this.

‘Chariot of the Gods’ freshens the Hoodoo Gurus setlist, with new songs finding their way into the set and fitting right in.

Hoodoo Gurus will tour Australia with Dandy Warhols in April.

Dave Faulkner of Hoodoo Gurus caught up with Noise11’s Paul Cashmere.


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Gavin Ryan reports with thanks to Australian-Charts.com


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