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by Paul Cashmere on May 21, 2021

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Jackson Browne ‘Downhill From Everywhere’ is an observation on society. It is a 2021 snapshot of the world by health, by environment, but politics and by culture.

Through the lyrics of ‘Downhill From Everywhere’ Jackson has a conversation with fans about same sex relationships, the treatment of refugees and environmental injustices. They are topics he has long discussed. In fact, you can draw a direct line from 1974’s ‘Before The Deluge’ to the title track. In 50 years, not much has changed.

50-year anniversaries are also on the radar for Jackson. His debut album will turn 50 in 2022. That will set off a series of 50ths throughout the 20’s with ‘For Everyman’ (1973), ‘Late For The Sky’ (1974), ‘The Pretender’ (1976) and ‘Running On Empty’ (1978).

Now aged 72, we find Jackson wiser and crafting words that should be heard.

For the release of ‘Downhill From Everywhere’, Noise11’s Paul Cashmere spoke with Jackson Browne.

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