Jenny Valentish Cherry Bomb interview

Jenny Valentish Cherry Bomb

by Paul Cashmere on September 9, 2014

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Jenny Valentish has taken the extremely incredible but real life music business and articulated it into fiction with ‘Cherry Bomb’.

‘Cherry Bomb’ is the story of rock star Nina Dall who by age 21-year has lived every part of the rock and roll lifestyle with her cousin Nina in the band The Dolls.

After Dall has achieved it all, she faces the biggest challenge of any rock star … maintaining her career. The younger Dall generation also have a famous aunt to look up to. Alannah Dall was a pop star in the 80s and uses her famous nieces to plot her own comeback.

‘Cherry Bomb’ is a fictitious look at the real life insecurities most pop stars face during their career.

Jenny Valentish talks to Paul Cashmere at about her book ‘Cherry Bomb’.

‘Cherry Bomb’ by Jenny Valentish is available now through Allen & Unwin.

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