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Joan Armatrading

by Paul Cashmere on June 16, 2021

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Joan Armatrading has spent the last 18 months making the album ‘Consequences’ by writing the songs, playing the instruments, recording and producing the album by herself. That sounds like a Lockdown chore, doesn’t it? Nope! Not for Joan. She has been making her albums like this for years.

‘Consequences’ is stories about people’s lives and habits, but she says the songs are not about her. For decades Joan’s talent has laid in observation and transforming that observation to song.

In her interview with, Joan also recalls songs from years gone by, ‘Rosie’ for instance about “the Rosie’s” of New York or ‘I Live It When You Call Me Names’, a song that by today’s standards would face criticism for seeming to speak about abuse.

Like her past releases ‘Consequences’ has depth in its lyrics but joy in its melodies. You’ll enjoy the album. Enjoy the interview.

Joan Armatrading spoke to Noise11’s Paul Cashmere.

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