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Leo Sayer Part 4

by Paul Cashmere on February 13, 2015

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Leo Sayer needs no introduction. His catalogue of global hits from ‘The Show Must Go On’, Moonlighting, ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’, ‘Thunder In My Heart’, ‘How Much Love’, ‘More Than I Can Say’ and many more are his calling card.

Leo Sayer has more than a dozen hit songs and multi million selling albums under his belt and showcases this impressive career through his live performances.

In 2015 Leo Sayer is as relevant as he ever was creating new music with his ‘Restless Years’ album drawing from a lifetime of music experiences

The man is a walking encyclopaedia who has worked with the worlds best musicians and producers.

Leo Sayer tells his story to Paul Cashmere at Noise11.com. This is Part 4 of the video interview.


Leo Sayer part 1

Leo Sayer part 2

Leo Sayer part 3

Leo Sayer part 4

Leo Sayer part 5

Leo Sayer part 6


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