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Milk Carton Kids

by Paul Cashmere on June 13, 2013

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Milk Carton Kids are Californian duo Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan.

Both were indie artists around Los Angeles up until 2011 when Pattengale went to see a Ryan gig and afterwards they decided to form a duo.

You’ll read a lot about them being “the new Simon & Garfunkel’ but in reality Milk Carton Kids tell their own stories, play their own music and write their own songs.

They came to the attention of singer songwriter Joe Henry made their presence known to ANTI Records who signed Milk Carton Kids and recently released the album ‘The Ash & Clay’. We’ll debate in the interview whether it is their second of third album.

Kenneth and Joey tell the Milk Carton Kids story to Noise11’s Paul Cashmere.



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