The 12th Man, Billy Birmingham -

The 12th Man, Billy Birmingham

by Paul Cashmere on December 8, 2011

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Trivia question: Who is the only Australian act to have eight consecutive number one albums? Answer: Billy Birmingham, The 12th Man.

Billy Birmingham, The 12th Man at

Billy Birmingham, The 12th Man at

Billy’s cricket satire series began in 1984. The albums sold millions in Australia.

In this interview Billy says how the last album ‘Boned’ in 2006 will be the last album. He won’t be recording any more albums as The 12th Man.

However, he does have a new series of The 12th Man stubby holders and bottle openers for sale at his official website.

Billy dropped into Noise11 to talk with Paul Cashmere. Check out the interview with Billy Birmingham at

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