Mick Flinn - As A Matter Of Fact

Mick Flinn – As A Matter Of Fact

by Paul Cashmere on October 14, 2014

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The Mixtures were one of Australia’s most successful bands of the early 70s.

The Pushbike Song, recorded in Melbourne, reached no 2 in the UK and no 44 in the USA.

‘In The Summertime’, ‘Henry Ford’ and ‘Captain Zero’ were all major hits in Australia for The Mixtures in 1970 and 1971.

Lead singer Mick Flinn moved to the UK in the mid 70s, married Donna Jones and created Pussyfoot. Mick wrote ‘The Way That You Do It’ for Pussyfoot and scored another UK and Australian hit.

Mick Flinn is still based in the UK but pops home to Melbourne occasionally.

Mick Flinn and Mick Hamilton performed As A Matter Of Fact at Noise11.com

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