CONFIRMED: People Are Spending More Than Ever Before On Music -

CONFIRMED: People Are Spending More Than Ever Before On Music

by Paul Cashmere on January 8, 2015

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While recorded music sales fell in 2014, streaming plays increased substantially and people are now spending more on music than every before.

Figures released by Nielsen Music show that on average, consumers spent $109 on music activity in 2014.

Music activity is the measurement of money spent on recorded music, streaming services and ticket sales combined.

Live music now accounts for half of the money spent on music in the USA. 32 million Americans attended at least one music festival in 2014.

People who attend music festivals also tend to spend more on music than any other consumer including the purchase of digital and physical recorded music, streaming services and other live events.

Nielsen Music’s end of year data for music consumption in 2014 showed a 54% increase in streaming services with a 60.5% increase for audio services and a 49.3% increase for video services.

While digital sales fell 12.5% and physical sales fell 14.9% in 2014, vinyl sales increased by 51.8%.

Combining figures for to evaluate listening, the overall drop in album consumption including all albums, track equivalent albums and streaming equivalent albums experienced a moderate 2% drop overall.

Source: Nielsen Music


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