An Evening With The Sons Of Anarchy Cast -
Sons Of Anarchy's Kim Coates (Tig Trager)

Sons Of Anarchy's Kim Coates (Tig Trager)

An Evening With The Sons Of Anarchy Cast

by Anthony Barton on January 30, 2014

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Cast members of FX’s television show Sons Of Anarchy are coming to Australia for a chat in March.

Ever wanted to stare into Tig’s hypnotising blue eyes, bear hug the lovable Bobby, or punch Juice square in the face? Well now’s your best chance!

Kim Coates (Tig), Theo Rossi (Juice) and Mark Boone Junior (Bobby) will be in the country in March for some panel appearances and audience Q&As.

Sons Of Anarchy follows an outlaw bikie gang that struggles to deal with their violent history, while trying to go straight by inflicting more violence. The show is impeccably written and acted by all involved, adding to the feeling that it all seems to be a little to real to be entirely made up.

Series writer, Kurt Sutter, has a way of balancing these brutally violent characters, making them both loathed and likeable. No truer words can be said of the three Sons of Anarchy members he is sending our way.

Kim Coates plays Tig Trager, a violent and troubled sergeant in the club. As his character progresses from season to season, the audience is forced onto a rollercoaster of emotions. Is he good? Is he bad? Do I like him? Wow he has beautiful eyes!

The same thing can be said for Juice played by Theo Rossi, who is the one sporting the mohawk with tribal racing stripes streaking down the side of his shaved head. You will be filled with equal amounts of love and hate for Juice as his story twists and turns from season to season, making you question your judge of character.

Perhaps the only likeable person throughout the entire series is Bobby, played by Mark Boone Junior. This jolly bearded man seems to be the heart and soul of the show, the conscience that tries to keep the club together. But, I could be wrong, and that’s the nature of Sons of Anarchy’s writing; you just don’t know what to expect.

Fans will have a chance to watch a moderate conversation between the three actors, before being able to pose their own questions to the group during a special Q&A.

VIP meet and greet packages are also available to super-fans.

Unfortunately for the ladies out there, the show’s main character Jax Teller played by Charlie Hannam, will not be making the trek downunder.

An Evening With The Sons Of Anarchy Cast Tour Dates

Tuesday 25 March HQ Complex, Adelaide

Thursday 27 March Palace Theatre, Melbourne and

Friday 28 March Eatons Hill, Brisbane

Saturday 29 March Roundhouse, Sydney

Sunday 30 March Metropolis, Perth



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