Former Thousand Needles In Red Guitarist Trizo Creates Guitar App -

Former Thousand Needles In Red Guitarist Trizo Creates Guitar App

by Paul Cashmere on May 26, 2016

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Tristan ‘Trizo’ Bouillaut, one time guitarist for Thousand Needles In Red, has developed the guitar tutorial app ‘Guitar Get Up’.

Bouillaut was inspired to build the app to give music students a ‘teacher in a pocket’. His guitar school has been running for 14 years. “I created the Guitar Get Up app because in my many years of teaching, I have found the students that really practice their timing, tend to have a more professional sound,” he said. “I’m not only talking about being in time to a metronome or a song; I’m talking about using half time, full time and double time. This essentially gives you more dynamics and flexibility playing all styles. The combination of playing in three different stages of timing simply brings a three-dimensional quality, providing a more professional sound.”

Guitar Get Up was designed as a guitar learning platform. “Our approach at Guitar Get Up is a simple one; keep things basic, and make it excellent at the core” he says. “We have uniquely designed a guitar learning platform using backing tracks specifically written & recorded for the app, based on fourteen years teaching and twenty eight years playing experience. We only include those features and functions that enhance the playing experience; we’ve created four tempos in five different keys allowing you to focus your energy on playing. All keys and tempos have been carefully selected, designed & tested so you can sit down and begin playing quickly and easily. To get started, simply select a key and a preferred tempo and start practicing scales, writing leads or improvising solos. Be sure to refer to scale diagrams and video links for more”.

Thousand Islands In Red was the collaboration between Bouillaut of Kill The Capitol and Clint Boge of The Butterfly Effect. Trizo was also the ambassador for VOX Amplifiers.

Guitar Get Up is available from the iTunes store for $2.99.



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