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Steve Balbi and Mi-Sex- Photo Ros OGorman2012-10-05

Steve Balbi fronting Mi-Sex Photo Ros OGorman

Mi-Sex To Release First Album In 33 Years

by Paul Cashmere on May 30, 2016

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Mi-Sex will release a new album ‘Not From Here’, the band’s first album since 1983, this year.

‘My Sex, Your Sex’, the first taste of the new Mi-Sex album, will be released this Friday (June 3). LISTEN TO MY SEX YOUR SEX HERE

Mi-Sex is original members Don Martin, Murray Burns, Paul Dunningham and Colin Bayley with singer Steve Balbi and guitarist Travis New. The band’s original singer Steve Gilpin died from a car crash in 1992.

From 1979 to 1983 Mi-Sex released four albums ‘Graffiti Crimes’ (1979), ‘Space Race’ (1980), ‘Shanghaied’ (1981) and ‘Where Do They Go’ (1983).

Mi-Sex also had a string of hits including the no 1 ‘Computer Games’ (1979) as well as ‘But You Don’t Care’ (1979), ‘People’ (1980), ‘Space Race’ (1980), ‘Falling In and Out’ (1981), ‘Castaway’ (1982), ‘Down The Line’ (1982) and ‘Blue Day’ (1983).

Mi-Sex will release ‘My Sex Your Sex’ and the ‘Not From Here’ album on Golden Robot Records.

But You Don’t Care

Computer Games


Space Race

Falling In And Out


Down The Line

Blue Day



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Steve Balbi and Mi-Sex- Photo Ros OGorman2012-10-05
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Steve Balbi and Mi-Sex- Photo Ros OGorman2012-10-05
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