Paris Hilton’s Bizarre New Song ‘Drunk Text’ Hits YouTube -
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s Bizarre New Song ‘Drunk Text’ Hits YouTube

by Andrew Tijs on February 24, 2012

in New Music,News

Paris Hilton first new song ‘Drunk Text’ has hit YouTube and it’s, uh, weird.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Over a throbbing house beat, Paris drowsily narrates a regretful night of drunk sexting in a club. Nothing rhymes. She doesn’t even bother with autotune. It’s a spoken word techno experiment.

And what words. It’s oddly philosophical and hypnotic. Here’s a selection:

“I went out to the club the other night to, y’know, dance with my bitches.”

“It was just a drunk text. In my head I was writing a fiction of us. Behind my eyes I was begging for things my lips could never ask.”

“I was on the dancefloor when I get a text from Adam. I’m too lazy to type so I send a photo I took up a dancer’s skirt and tell him to come and get it, not realizing what I said.”

“No one is safe in the Twittersphere anymore.”

“You take the word text and mix it with texting, it’s called sexting. When you add drunk sexting, the words just don’t make any sense.”

“It’s a hot mess of misspelled obscenities, body parts and run-on questions”.

“I’ll be damned if I end up in some lame bar after this with last night’s lingerie in my purse.”

Apparently the video is getting pulled down from YouTube but try this one below. Paris Hilton has promised a new album this year.



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