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Queensrÿche I And II In Race To Release New Album

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on April 2, 2013

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It seems the fight to make the best new Queensrÿche album is taking its toll on both groups.



Queensrÿche I, the original version of the group with new lead singer Todd La Torre, have postponed their U.K. tour to October because of their new album.

The band released a statement saying:

We know some fans are upset. Queensrÿche never want to miss any chance to see and play for our fans around the world – but there are some things we have to do for our label in order to get the new record out to you in the time we promised.

When the shows were originally booked, these obligations were not known to us, as we were still talking with various labels.

We feel we have made some of the best music of our career – and would put it out tomorrow if it was within our power for you all to hear. Our label would kill us if we did, though.

We will get back to Europe as soon as we can and are excited to play the classics as well as some of this new material for all our fans around the world.

Meanwhile, Queensrÿche II, the new band fronted by former lead singer Geoff Tate, is winning the fight to get their album to market first, having recently moved it from late in the year to April 23. Unfortunately, it looks as if the rush to market may have taken a toll on quality, something they are trying to quickly fix.

Billy Sherwood has posted to his Facebook that he has been brought on to re-mix the new album due to “sonic issues.”

Just got a new gig… “re-mixing” the latest Queensrÿche record, seems there are sonic issues with the previous versions and so… I shall be fixing it for all to enjoy !!! I love to mix music, very creative part of a production, mixing it all together…. I’ll keep you all posted as it proceeds, starting on it tomorrow morning :) If anyone else out there needs professional mixes done feel free to contact me here… It can happen !!

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