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Mac Cocker

R.I.P. Mac Cocker ABC Double J Triple J Radio Pioneer

by Paul Cashmere on June 3, 2016

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Mac Cocker, a long-term broadcaster for ABC Radio in Australia and the father of Jarvis Cocker, has died.

Cocker was one of the original 2JJ announcers when the youth radio station first went on air in Sydney in 1975. He was at Double J when it became Triple J in 1980 and stayed with the station until 1985.

Mac took five years off and saw the world after Triple J but returned to the ABC to take up an on-air position of 105.7 in Darwin in 1990

Mac Cocker retired from a 33-year career at the ABC in June 2007

Mac Cocker was from Sheffield UK. Jarvis was born in 1963 but seven years later Mac left the family and moved to Sydney, Australia. He had no contact with his would-be famous son after he left England.

In recent years Jarvis said of his father, “I don’t feel any bitterness towards him at all. I feel sorry for him.”

Former presenter Mac Cocker tells Mark Colvin about his time at triple j and how he advocated for punk to be played on the station.



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