The Pixies Fail To Impress In London -
Frank Black, Black Francis, Pixies, V Festival, Ros O'Gorman, Photo

Black Francis, Pixies, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

The Pixies Fail To Impress In London

by on October 13, 2013

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This writer has mixed thoughts about The Pixies. They were all the fashion at one time; bought the albums, went to see them, and was very disappointed.

They played a lacklustre set and really looked like they couldn’t give a toss, so I moved on. So it was with some trepidation I accepted this mission to see a reformed Pixies.

This was a BBC Radio 6 live transmission from the BBC’s Maida Vale studios. This was a no frills show; minimal lighting, low stage band and audience virtually face to face. A brief introduction from Steve Lamacq and Pixies opened with Bone Machine, and an audience of just 200 – from over 30,000 applications – went nuts.

A twenty song set saw them digging into their back catalogue, and lobbing out killer versions of Monkey Goes to Heaven, Havalina, Velouria and Vamos. The new song Indie Cindy slotted in painlessly, and the set ended with Where is my Mind, and that was it. With very little in-between song banter and held to a very tight schedule, it was down to the music and The Pixies pulled it off.

The Set List:
Bone Machine (from Surfer Rosa, 1988)
Break My Body (from Surfer Rosa, 1988)
Monkey Gone to Heaven (from Doolittle, 1989)
Bagboy (single, 2013)
I’ve Been Tired (from EP Come On Pilgrim, 1987)
Hey (from Doolittle, 1989)
Indie Cindy (from EP1, 2013)
Gouge Away (from Doolittle, 1989)
Havalina (from Bossanova, 1990)
Velouria (from Bossanova, 1990)
Mr. Grieves (from Doolittle, 1989)
Another Toe in the Ocean (from EP1, 2013)
What Goes Boom (from EP1, 2013)
Isla de Encanta (from EP Come On Pilgrim, 1987)
Winterlong (from the single for Dig For Fire, 1990)
Here Comes Your Man (from Doolittle, 1989)
Vamos (from Surfer Rosa, 1988)
Where Is My Mind? (from Surfer Rosa, 1988)

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