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Triple J Is The No 1 Radio Station 18-40 In Melbourne

by Paul Cashmere on April 21, 2015

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The ABC’s “youth network” Triple J is the number one radio station in Melbourne for 18-24 and 25-39 year olds. What does that say about the quality of commercial radio?

Triple J’s dominance of two of the main advertising demographics is a disaster for both commercial radio and the advertising industry. Commercial radio will struggle to attract advertisers to their product and advertisers cannot advertise on the non-commercial government owned Triple J.

Triple J now has 20.9% of the 18-24 demo ahead of FoxFM (19.4), Nova100 (14.8), KIIS101.1 (9.2), MMM (7.9), GOLD (6.5) and Smooth (4.7).

In the lucrative 25-39 demo Triple J rated 14.0 ahead of Nova (12.2), MMM (10.7), FoxFM (10.0), KIIS (9.5), GOLD (6.8) and Smooth (4.6).

The one area the Triple J “youth network” failed was with the youth. In the 10-17 demographic Triple J rated 3.4 behind Fox 19.9, Nova 18.2, KIIS 14.5, Triple M 7.1, Smooth 6.1 and Gold 5.6.

The dominance of Triple J in Melbourne is indeed worrying for the commercial networks that pour millions of dollars into marketing, promotion and programming. By comparison the lean ABC runs on efficient budgets targeting a national audience without any star salary employees.

Overall on the 10+ all people demographic Triple J had a minor loss of .1 to 5.7 overall. All commercial FM stations lost market share in the survey. Fox dropped 0.8, Gold 0.1, KIIS 0.9, Triple M 0.1, Nova 0.5 and Smooth 0.5.


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