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by Andrew Tijs on May 3, 2012

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Charlie and Nic, Melbourne digital folk duo Brightly, chuckle over feelings, glitter bombs, and sad songs versus sharp design.

Brightly are a unique beast, mixing plaintive folk with atmospheric electronica and reclaiming the glory of the saxophone. Following their debut double a-side ‘We Were In Tokyo/& Then We Woke Up’, they prepare new single ‘Sarah’ and continue on their path of ethereal music and glossy visual aesthetic.

Charlie and Nic have a laugh over everything about the band – white middle-class emotions, covering themselves in glitter and paint during photo-shoots and live shows, playing Moomba, singing in a pronounced Australian accent and more.

Brightly launch ‘Sarah’ at the Empress Hotel on May 26 with Lift Off and Nearly Oratorio.



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