Back To The Future II Arrives, Marty McFly Due Tomorrow October 21, 2015 -
Back to the Future II

Back to the Future II

Back To The Future II Arrives, Marty McFly Due Tomorrow October 21, 2015

by Paul Cashmere on October 20, 2015

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In the 1989 movie ‘Back To The Future II’ Doc Emmett Brown takes Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker into the future … October 21, 2015. Tomorrow the world will catch up with Marty McFly’s future.

So how did the predictions pan out? Nike has been working on a self-lacing shoe. Lexus has developed a hover-board. The visor sunglasses may not quite be the fashion statement the movie suggested but we do now have Google Glasses.

We may all drive flying cars, have fax machines in every letter-box or wear self-adjusting auto-drying jackets but video calls are part of our lives as are flat wide-screen TVs.

That double-tie fashion never-happened but uncomfortably dressed teens with jeans around their arses and underpants on clear display did happen in the early 2000s, a little ahead of 2015.

To mark the occasion of the arrival of October 21 2015 Pepsi is releasing a limited edition ‘Pepsi Perfect’ as seen in the movie and Universal has made this mock trailer for Jaws 19.

Watch teens from today reacting to predictions of their world from 1989.

And here is the original trailer for Back To The Future II.


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