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Beth Ditto Gives Madonna Style Advice

by on August 9, 2012

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Beth Ditto is desperate to write a song for Madonna.



The Gossip singer is a fan of Madonna and would love to work with her ‘ and perhaps even give her some image advice. Known for her sometimes shocking on stage costumes, Beth feels Madonna needs an image overhaul to tone down her racy look.

“Yeah, I really want to do that [write a song for Madonna]! And while I’m on it I would like to style her too,’ Beth confessed to German publication Ticket. ‘I would make sure that Madonna looks chic. She shouldn’t look that spun and pimped out all the time! She should wear something classic.”

Although she is a globally recognised star, Beth blends in with the crowd when at home in Portland. The striking singer says people in the US town are not affected by fame, which she likes.

“At home in Portland nobody cares! We don’t have any success in the USA. On the one hand that sucks, on the other hand it doesn’t. Whenever I’m home I have my peace and can relax,” Beth explained. “Why aren’t we famous in the US? Too fat, too lesbian or too gay? Too cheeky? I don’t know.”

While she realises her sexuality may have impacted on the group’s success, it was something she always accepted. The star is getting used to being the poster girl for gay rights. As she has got older, Beth has realised how important positive role models are for future generations.

‘To be honest, it never was a big thing for me being gay. And neither was it for my family. It will be even more natural for the next generation,’ Beth continued. “I’m still adjusting with that role. I’m starting to take me being an example a little more seriously. My life is so much better because the homo activists and the feminists of the last generation have fought so hard.’

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