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Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Black Crowes Frontman Unveils Details of New Band’s Debut

by Tim Cashmere on June 25, 2012

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Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson is gearing up for the release of his new band’s debut record. The band is called The Chris Robinson Brotherhood and the album is Big Moon Ritual.

The record will be available on July 20 and if you’re the type who is hungry for more, their as-yet-untitled second album will be closely behind in September.

Crowes fans might not instantly take to the Brotherhood’s sound. There is some pretty spaced out psychedelica. I don’t think it is a huge leap of the imagination to assume there were some psychedelic “influences” in the studio – and I’m not talking about music.

Fans of early Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead and other “jam” bands might find some common ground with fans of Pond, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Flaming Lips in this record.

In a press release, Robinson said: “This music is unashamedly what we’re into. It’s not a psych band because you have a Prince Valiant haircut and wear Beatle boots.  It’s psych because that’s where our heads are.  We want to make music that blossoms.  We want to make music that sounds cosmic.”

“It’s about being boutique,” he added. “If before you wanted to have a million people hear what you do, now we’re making music the right way for the right people. When we got to these cool sonic spaces we took advantage of them.  It was totally the most radical recording session I’ve ever done, especially in terms of aesthetics.”

Check out a tune and preorder the album at

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