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Check Out Nakatomi ‘The Knife’ Video #NEWMUSIC

by on October 7, 2015

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Melbourne duo Nakatomi has released a new song ‘The Knife’ ahead of showcase gigs in October and November.

The name Nakatomi is a Bruce Willis reference. The band chose the name from Nakatomi Plaza in the ‘Die Hard’ movie. , “Nakatomi does have a classier meaning in ancient Japanese though, it’s the ancestral name of the greatest clan of classical times, the Fujiwara,” says Hamish Cox.

In keeping with movie tradition, Nakatomi chose to create a filmesque visual for ‘The Knife’ video.

“We had this idea to go with a sci-fi 80s vibe for this clip, so we contacted a great local film director named Aaron Schuppan and set him the challenge to create something inspired by movies such as Blade Runner,” says Smart. “Thankfully Aaron was just as excited about this idea as we were and proposed that our film clip take the form of a movie trailer for an amazing, lost tech-noir film from the 80s, but something with genuine emotion at its core. Aaron threw together a crazy script, and our only thought was, if he can pull this off, this is going to be epic!”

Room Two Three One presents Nakatomi’s ‘The Knife’ (2015). Directed by Aaron Schuppan and starring Hanna Galbraith, Mandahla Rose, Jack Littman & Apoorva Madan.

‘The Knife’ was produced and mixed by Melbourne producer Jimi Maroudas (Kimbra), with sound design by Badcop and mastering by Jon Lemon.

Nakatomi Show Dates

Fri 30 Oct, Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
Fri 20 Nov, Pow! @ Mynt Lounge, Werribee Vic
Sun 22 Nov, The Toff In Town, Melbourne Vic
Thur 26 Nov, Oxford Art Gallery Bar, Darlinghurst


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