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The Damned

The Damned

Damned Damned Damned 35th Anniversary Set To Be Released

by Music-News.com on October 15, 2012

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On December 3rd , the ultimate version of the first ever British Punk album Damned, Damned, Damned is released.

The Damned

The Damned

Damned, Damned, Damned features the first UK punk single New Rose and 11 further tracks, that in just over 30 minutes rewrote the musical landscape. To The Damned. Punk Rock was all about the the music they played and the attitude required to play it.

This anniversary edition contains not only the original album but also a disc of BBC sessions and rarities and the bands first gig supporting the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club, an exclusive 4th disc contains a rare hour long documentary on the making of the album and the events leading up to it, with comments from the band and contempories such as Chrissie Hynde and Glenn Matlock.

The box set is packed with rare photos (some never seen before) as well as a brand new essay from Mojo’s Kieron Tyler who for the first time interviews all 4 members of the band to provide a great background to the album all encased in a fanzine style book.

Damned, Damned Damned Track listing
Disc One
01 Neat, Neat, Neat
02 Fan Club
03 I Fall
04 Born To Kill
05 Stab Your Back
06 Feel The Pain
07 New Rose
08 Fish
09 See Her Tonite
10 1 Of The Two
11 So Messed Up
12 I Feel Alright

Disc 2
01 I Fall demo June 1976
02 See Her Tonite demo June 1976
03 Feel The Pain demo June 1976
04 Help. Stiif B-side Oct 1976
05 Stab Your Back Peel Session 30/11/76
06 Neat, Neat, Neat Peel Session 30/11/76
07 New Rose Peel Session 30/11/76
08 So Messed Up Peel Session 30/11/76
09 I Fall. Peel Session 30/11/76
10 Singalongascabies Stiff B-Side February 1977
11 Fan Club Peel Session 5/5/77
12 Feel The Pain Peel Session 5/5/77
13 Stretcher Case Baby Peel Session 5/5/77
14 Sick Of Being Sick Peel Session 5/5/77
15 I Feel Alright In Concert 19/5/77
16 Born To Kill In Concert 19/5/77
17 Sick Of Being Sick In Concert 19/5/77
18 Neat, Neat, Neat In Concert 19/5/77
19 Fan Club In Concert 19/5/77
20 Stretcher Case Baby In Concert 19/5/77
21 Help In Concert 19/5/77
22 Stab Your Back In Concert 19/5/77
23 So Messed Up In Concert 19/5/77
24 New Rose In Concert 19/5/77
25 Stretcher Case Baby Stiff Single July 1977
26 Sick Of Being Sick Stiff Single July 1977

Disc 3
01 1 Of The 2 Live @ 100 Club
02 New Rose Live @ 100 Club
03 Alone Live @ 100 Club
04 Help Live @ 100 Club
05 Fan Club Live @ 100 Club
06 I Feel Alright Live @ 100 Club
07 Feel The Pain Live @ 100 Club
08 Fish Live @ 100 Club
09 Circles Live @ 100 Club
10 See Her Tonite Live @ 100 Club
11 I Fall Live @ 100 Club
12 So Messed Up Live @ 100 Club

Disc 4
01 Is She Really Going Out With Him Radio One Damned Documentary
02 Rock On Interview Radio One interview
03 Interview with Capt.Sensible & Rat Scabies Radio One interview

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