Gregg Allman Sued For Second Time Over Biopic Tragedy
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Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman Sued For Second Time Over Biopic Tragedy

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on May 31, 2014

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Gregg Allman is being sued for a second time after tragedy struck and a crew member killed during production of his biopic.

He wasn’t even on the set, but that isn’t stopping a number of parties from suing Gregg Allman over the accident on the set of his biopic Midnight Rider.

Assistant Sarah Jones was killed a number of other crew members were injured when a train crossed a trestle on which the film was being shot last February.

Since that time, much of the tech community in Hollywood has used Jones’ death to protest dangerous working conditions on movie sets, star William Hurt has quit the production and Allman, himself, has sued to take back the rights to the production from Unclaimed Frieght, who is making the film.

That hasn’t stopped lawyers for victims from naming Allman in lawsuits revolving around the accident. The parents of Sarah Jones named Allman along with 17 other individuals and companies for the wrongful death of their daughter.

Now, Joyce Gilliard, a hairstylist on the film, is suing the production company, director Randall Miller, Allman, train and track owner CSX and land owner Rayonier. Gilliard suffered a broken arm and is claiming post-traumatic stress.

According to Rolling Stone, Allman has claimed he had nothing to do with the production or location scouting for the film and shouldn’t be held accountable; however, it is a common practice in law to “cast a wide net” and go for the “deepest pockets” in suits of this type.

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