INXS Break-up After 35 Years -
INXS, 2012: Photo Ros O'Gorman

INXS, 2012: Photo Ros O'Gorman

INXS Break-up After 35 Years

by Paul Cashmere on November 12, 2012

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According to a report out of Perth, after a 35-year career, INXS have broken up.

INXS, 2012: Photo Ros O'Gorman

INXS, 2012: Photo Ros O'Gorman

A story attributed to “Staff Reporter” in The Australian reports that drummer Jon Farriss made an announcement during their show last night in Perth that they were playing their last ever performance. “I’m getting teary,” he said, as they launched into ‘Need You Tonight’.

INXS have just completed an Australian tour with Matchbox Twenty and were showcasing their new singer Ciaran Gribbin.

Just weeks ago, Tim Farriss told that Ciaran and Andrew Farriss had been writing new material. “Ciaran Gribbin is our singer and has been for a year now,” Tim says. “He and Andrew have been writing together and have written some really great stuff. They started writing together anyway because they were mates and had great respect for each other’s songwriting. He became singer-by-default which is an incredibly organic way to find a singer”.

Ciaran joined the band in September 2011 replacing J.D. Fortune who replaced Jon Stevens who replaced Michael Hutchence, who died in 1997. UPDATE: J.D. Fortune tweets about INXS break-up.

At publication time INXS have not issued an official statement confirming the break-up. Noise11 is investigating a clarification of Jon’s announcement from last night. According to, the band has no upcoming tour dates listed.

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INXS, 2012: Photo Ros O'Gorman
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