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Jimi Hendrix Biopic Won’t Have Any Hendrix Music

by Andrew Tijs on July 12, 2012

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Turns out the forthcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic will only feature songs from the Beatles, Muddy Waters and others.

The forthcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side starring Outkast’s Andre 3000 (check out a photo of him in costume here) won’t actually have any music written by the guitar wizard.

Rolling Stone reports that the film hasn’t managed to secure the rights to Hendrix’s back catalogue, so the song will only include covers that he played, including ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, ‘Wild Thing’, ‘Hound Dog’, Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy” and Elmore James’ ‘Bleeding Heart’ as well as two tunes he played on as part of Curtis Knight and the Squires.

The songs have already been recorded with Andre 3000 singing and a backing band of guitarist Waddy Wachtel (who has played with Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks and Linda Ronstadt), bassist Leland Sklar (who has played with James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Phil Collins), and drummer Kenny Aronoff (who was part of  John Mellencamp’s band).

This is all because the estate of Jimi Hendrix, run by his sister Janie, refuses to allow the music to be used. But they seem content to turn Jimi into a hologram.

Check him out playing ‘Mannish Boy’ from his Blues album.


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