Jon Anderson Reacts To Chris Squire Yes Noise11 Story -

Chris Squire with Yes

Jon Anderson Reacts To Chris Squire Yes Noise11 Story

by Paul Cashmere on February 9, 2012

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Original Yes singer Jon Anderson has reacted to yesterday’s interview with Chris Squire saying that he has next to no contact with the Yes bass player in years.


Chris Squire with Yes

In a statement Anderson said, “I haven’t spoken with Chris in four years, and the only e-mail I have received from him in the last three years was him asking for free tickets to my show in Mesa, Arizona last week — very sad, but true.”

Yesterday in an interview with ahead of Yes’ Australian tour Squire said, “We email each other. We have a cordial relationship. He is out there at the moment doing some solo shows. He is a lot healthier now than he was a few years ago when he was suffering from his breathing problems. He is getting back into it. I have never closed the door on working with Jon again. He has left the band before and come back and left it again and come back. It is an unusual situation. We will work together in the future but right now we are promoting the Fly From Here album which is our first studio album in 10 years”.

In all fairness to Chris, he never said Jon was returning to he band. Squire said he was open to “work together in the future”. He also talked about Jon Anderson with respect and in positive terms and tone.

In yesterday’s interview Chris Squire announced that Anderson’s replacement Benoit David had left the band and in turn had been replaced with Jon Davison, who will front Yes for the upcoming Australian tour.

Yes dates, presented by Chugg Entertainment and are:

Dates are:
April 5, 2012, Perth, Riverside Theatre
April 11, 2012, Melbourne, Palais Theatre
April 13, 2012, Sydney, State Theatre

Yes will also perform a Bluesfest of April 9.

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