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Kenney Jones Says Keith Moon Death Was An Accident

by Paul Cashmere on August 26, 2015

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Kenney Jones of The Faces had been out with The Who’s drummer Keith Moon on the night of his death and insists that the legendary British drummer died from an accidental drug overdose.

Jones was talking to Moon on the night of his death at a Paul McCartney party for the Buddy Holly movie. He recalled that fateful night for “I was going to the opening of the Buddy Holly movie that Paul McCartney was producing,” Kenney said. “We had a party before the film. We all walked around the corner to Leicester Square Odeon around midnight and watched the film. I said goodnight to Keith Moon. I asked him how he was. He said he hadn’t had a drink for a while. He told me ‘I take these pills to stop me drinking and if I have one drink they make me violently ill’. That was that. We all went off and watched the film and said goodnight to each other. The next morning I turned the TV on and it said ‘Keith Moon has been found dead of a drug overdose’. I went ‘I can’t believe this’. He is such a practical joker it can’t be right. Sure enough it was true and I had only been with him a few hours before”.

Kenney contends Moon’s death was an accident. “What transpired was he must have gotten home at about half past two in the morning, taken his night time pill and gone to bed and then woken up a couple of hours later and thought it was morning and taken the other pill. They were too close together and it was enough to slow his heart down,” Kenney said.

Keith Moon died on 7 September, 1978. Jones replaced him in The Who. Kenney Jones spent 10 years as The Who drummer and recorded two albums with the band ‘Faces Dances’ in 1981 and ‘Its Hard’ (1982).

Next week (5 September 2015) the surviving members of The Faces, Kenney Jones, Ron Wood and Rod Stewart, will reform for a charity show in London.

The Faces box set ‘You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything’ will be released through Warner Music this Friday 28 August, 2015.


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