Lil Band O Gold Confirm Warren Storm’s Departure -
Lil' Band O' Gold - Image By Ros O'Gorman

Warren Storm of Lil' Band O' Gold - Image By Ros O'Gorman

Lil Band O Gold Confirm Warren Storm’s Departure

by Paul Cashmere on July 1, 2013

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Lil Band O’ Gold have confirmed founding member Warren Storm has left the band.

The 76-year old Louisiana legend was a founding member of the New Orleans supergroup Lil Band O Gold. He had a hit single in 1958 when his song ‘Mama Mama Mama’ made the Billboard 100.

Lil Band O Gold formed in the late 90s in Lafayette initially for a Monday night jam session residency in a local tavern.

In 2006 Lil Band O Gold teamed with Robert Plant for a Fats Domino Tribute album. Plant has performed a number of times with Lil Band O Gold and is due to do so again in two week at the Mahalia Jackson Theater in New Orleans.

Storm’s departure actually occurred a few months ago suddenly before Lil band O Gold was due to perform at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Frontman CC Adcock told that it was his job to ring Robert Plant and tell him Warren was no longer with the band. “When I let him know about the changes, I tried to keep it light,” Adcock said. “I even slipped in the quip, ‘What sort of band would cease to exist just because they lost their drummer?”

Warren will continue to perform with Willie tee’s Cypress Band. Adcock says the Lil Band O Gold door will always be open if he wants to return.

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Lil' Band O' Gold - Image By Ros O'Gorman
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