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Madder Lake Release New First Album In 39 Years

by Paul Cashmere on September 5, 2013

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Madder Lake are back in action with their first new album in 39 years and the key song titled ‘Badlands’.

Melbourne’s Madder Lake were the first band to release an album on Mushroom Records. Founding member Brenden Mason, who has stepped up to the role of lead singer for the new album, went to school with Mushroom founder Michael Gudinski.

Madder Lake only made two albums and released them both on Mushroom. ‘Stillpoint’, released in 1973, reached no. 13 and featured ‘Goodbye Lollipop’ (no. 31) and ‘12lb Toothbrush’ (no. 35).

The second album ‘Butterfly Farm’ was released in 1974 and contained ‘Butterfly Farm’, ‘Booze Blues’ and ‘Its All In Your Head’.

A compilation ‘The Best of Madder Lake’ was also released in 1978.

Madder Lake have reformed occasionally over the past 35 years and many songs were written but were unreleased. The band decided it was time to put out a third album and started work but were then plagued with issues. For starters, lead singer and founding member Mick Fettes had a heart attack in March 2011. He retired from the band in September 2012.

Jac Kreemers retired in July 2011 and was replaced by Luke McKinnon on drums.

Friends helped out on the album. Guests on the record include Mike Rudd of Spectrum and Neale Johns of Blackfeather.

In the end the album ‘World’ has been released. It is the third album for Madder Lake with the line-up of Brenden Mason (guitar, vocals), Kerry McKenna (bass, vocals), Andy Burns (keyboards, vocals), Luke McKinnon (drums) and John McKinnon (keyboards, vocals).

Original singer Mick Fettes features on ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Hospital of Love’.

The tracklisting for Madder Lake ‘World’ is:

Didn’t Understand Me
Please Please
Hospital of Love
Heavy Weather

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