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PSY To Appear In Online Video Game

by on September 2, 2013

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NEXON Europe has announced that global pop sensation, media personality and all-round gentleman PSY is appearing in the enormously successful online free-to-play games MapleStory and Combat Arms.

PSY took the world by storm with his hit single Gangnam Style, inspiring everyone from news readers to the UN Secretary General to join in with his unique brand of K-pop humour.

But over a billion YouTube views and global chart domination is not enough for the dance phenomenon; starting this month and following another huge hit single, Gentleman, PSY will be bringing his outrageous personality to NEXON Europe’s most popular titles.

Players of MapleStory will have the chance to embark upon a number of special missions to assist PSY during his stay in Maple Town, including rescuing him from an alien abduction and helping him prepare for his concerts. Special items can be earned from the events such as pets, hair, t-shirts, chairs and a special PSY ring.

Combat Arms players will also have access to a number of rewards. After PSY’s posts have received enough ‘Likes’, each player gets a chance to get their hands on in-game PSY items. Also, players will get ‘Gentleman’ case each day they log-in for the first week.

‘We’re thrilled to welcome PSY to MapleStory and Combat Arms,’ said Paul Lee, Associate Manager of Game Operation Department in NEXON Europe. ‘With his unique and flamboyant style we have no doubt his presence will keep everyone more than entertained over the next few months. With so many chances to win PSY prizes and game items too, he really has shown himself to be quite the Gentleman.’

The PSY promotion will be available from 21st August in MapleStory and from 28th August in Combat Arms, both lasting for approximately four months.

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