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Yacht Club DJs

Push Over 2012 Announces Bands, Moves To Abbotsford

by Tim Cashmere on December 15, 2011

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Underage music festival Push Over is heading to Abbotsford in 2012 where some of the best local acts will play to the crowd for a freaking bargain.

This year the festival will include shows from Parkway Drive, 360, tonight Alive, Yacht Club DJs, Alpine, Dangerous!, Snakadaktal, Mantra, Redcoats, Eagle and the Worm, Glass Towers, 8 Bit Love, Northlane, Skyway, Hands Like Houses, Mindset, Hallower, This town A Forest, Awaken I Am and Boris The Blade.

Not impressed yet? Well you’ll be pleased to know that more are going to be announced.

Fancy yourself to be a bit of a rapper? Well head to www.thepush.com.au to register in the “Push It” Hip Hop MC battle, which will happen on the day.

Push Over has been happening since the 90s when the underage music scene in Melbourne was thriving. Throughout the years it has seen performances by Silverchair, Babes in Toyland, Spiderbait, Grinspoon, Def FX and many many more.

The festival will happen on Monday March 12, 2012 (that’s a public holiday, so don’t worry about missing school). It’s at the Abbotsford Convent in, strangely enough, Abbotsford. There will be a free shuttle bus from Victoria Park train station, or you could just walk (it’ll take you ten minutes and you could do with the exercise).

Tickets are $40 + b/f.

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