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Richard Clapton Divorce Ends In Album

by Paul Cashmere on July 27, 2012

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The new Richard Clapton album ‘Harlequin Nights’ is the end result in a long divorce.

Richard Clapton at

Richard Clapton at

It has been 8 years since Richard’s last album and for five of those eight years he was caught up in the mess of the divorce. As a result, multiple songs on the album came out from the experience.

“To be really candid about it I went through a really miserable divorce,” Richard Clapton tells “At the end of my marriage I wrote a couple of songs like ‘Over The Borderline’ which was a last ditched attempt to make amends with my ex-wife. The divorce got very long and drawn out. It went on for about five years which is just absurd. It’s been a difficult period”.

‘Harlequin Nights’ features co-writes with Melbourne songwriter/guitarist Danny Spencer on ‘Vapour Trails’, ‘Run Like A River’, ‘One Fine Day’ and ‘Dancing With The Vampires’, a song about Charlie Sheen.

Richard Clapton ‘Harlequin Nights’ will be released August 4, 2012 through MGM Distribution.

Watch the interview with Richard Clapton

Watch the Sessions with Richard Clapton and Danny Spencer performing ‘Run Like A River’, ‘Dancing With The Vampires’ and ‘One Fine Day’.

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