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by Paul Cashmere on July 26, 2012

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Richard Clapton, one of Australia’s greatest singer songwriters, has returned with his first album in 8 years ‘Harlequin Nights’.

For Richard, the past 8 years have been life changing. For starters, 5 of those years were caught up in a divorce which became a focus of some of the songs on the record.

Richard also hooked up with Melbourne songwriter guitarist Danny Spencer, who has rejuvenated his music. “The wife moved out which as anyone who’s been through it will attest isn’t an easy time in life, but creatively it’s been one of the most productive with Danny helping me write some of the best songs I have put my mind to for many years,” Clapton said.

The lead track on the record is one of Richard’s finest rock songs. ‘Dancing With Vampires’ was inspired by the antics of Charlie Sheen who Richard pays homage to in the song.

Also: Watch the Richard Clapton Sessions with Richard performing Dancing With The Vampires and Capricorn Dancer.

Watch the interview. Paul Cashmere talks to Richard Clapton.

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