Ross D Wyllie Complete Collection Released
Ross D Wylie Complete Collection

Ross D Wyllie Complete Collection Released

by Paul Cashmere on September 1, 2014

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Aztec Records have released the first definitive career overview of 60s pop star Ross D. Wyllie.

Wyllie’s fame spread firstly when he compared music TV show ‘Uptight’ in 1967 from 1969. The three-hour show screened in Melbourne on ATV Channel 0 almost 8 years before the launch of Countdown. He then went on to host ‘Happening 70’ in 1970.

Ross D. Wyllie was one of Australia’s biggest popstars of the late 60s and early 70s. In October 1969, his song ‘The Star’ became a national number one hit.

‘The Star’ was written by Johnny Young, who that year also gave Russell Morris a national hit with ‘The Real Thing’. It was covered in the UK by Herman’s Hermits as “Here Comes The Star’.

Ross D. Wyllie: The Complete Collection

    Track Listing

The Star
Funny Man
Last Day In Town
A Bit Of Love
Do The Uptight
My Little Girl
Free Born Man
Short Skirts
Paper Bunnies
He Gives Us All His Love
It Takes Time
Child’s Dream
Sweet White Dove
Going Home
Uptight Party Medley…
(i)You Are My Sunshine
(ii) Baby Now That I’ve Found You
(iii) Uptight (Little Ole Man)
Fever (Live Festival Hall 1994)
Green Door (Live Festival Hall 1994)

Ross D. Wylie The Complete Collection is available through Aztec Records.

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