The Beatles Expanded Let It Be/Get Back Release Is Due In October -
The Beatles Let It Be

The Beatles Let It Be

The Beatles Expanded Let It Be/Get Back Release Is Due In October

by Paul Cashmere on August 13, 2021

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It looks like the expanded edition of The Beatles ‘Let It Be’ will be released on October, possibly on 15 October, the same day the ‘Get Back’ book is being released.

Beatle blogger Caitlin Larkin reported that former Apple Record boss Tony Bramwell put on social media that the Let It Be Box was coming on 15 October 2021 and it will be a 5-disc box set.


That information is unverified and Larkin later posted that the artwork she lifted from Bramwell’s post turned out to be fake so maybe everything in her video is also fake. However, given that there is the Peter Jackson ‘Get Back’ movie coming to Disney+ in November and the Get Back hardback book coming 15 October and that The Beatles have already released boxes for ‘Sgt Pepper’, ‘The White Album’ and ‘Abbey Road’, Caitlyn is most likely on the money with this release, despite the cover image being fake.

Beatle fans can speculate about the content of the Let It Be box. Director Peter Jackson released a comprehensive teaser for the movie in December 2020. ‘Get Back’ is a completely reimaged look at the Let It Be sessions from a totally different perspective to the 1970 Michael Lindsay-Hogg Let It Be movie.

The original movie had a cinema run in 1970 and was once released on VHS but 50 years on the movie has never gone to DVD or Blu-Ray.

The original movie included after half of the famous rooftop concert. Its hoped the box set might include the full concert.

Paul McCartney always hated the Phil Spector production of the original ‘Let It Be’ album. In 2003, Apple released ‘Let It Be … Naked’, a Spectorless version of the sessions in a completely different order.

With previous Beatles released Apple tends to announce six-weeks before release. That would make an official announcement likely around September 3.

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