The Blanks Scrub Up In Australia -
The Blanks

The Blanks

The Blanks Scrub Up In Australia

by Cameron Cashmere on April 11, 2012

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The Blanks are an a cappella band who starred in the comedy sitcom Scrubs for eight years. They are more commonly known as ‘Ted’s Band’ or ‘The Worthless Peons’ on the hit TV series and in March, The Blanks took on Australia for the first time.

The Blanks

The Blanks

The Blanks played at the University of Wollongong’s Unibar, on the 15th March.

Fans of all ages lined up at early, already buzzed with excitement, singing lines from The Blanks acts. The floor filled quickly when the lights went out and from the start of the act, laughter could be heard from wall to wall. The Blanks started the night with their own cover of Underdog and enthralled the crowd for what seemed an eternity. In between songs the band put on their own comedy skit, which captivated the audience. They called this ‘a smooth transition between songs’.

The Blanks were sensational to see live as they incorporated action figures, the crowd’s interaction and their own voices to their set list. Some of you may remember the infamous Commander Chip Hazard from Small Soldiers, The Blanks integrated a Commander Chip Hazard action figure complete with authentic sound functions which complemented their song Commandos (Attack!).

Not too surprisingly, The Blanks pulled in a large and appreciative crowd and the band preformed far beyond everyone’s expectations. The show seemed over when the band walked off stage after their rendition of Maniac, but the fans kept chanting one more song, encouraging The Blanks to play an encore. The Blanks played another two songs continuing to entertain the audience and exceeding their expectations of one more song.

After the show The Blanks came out to meet their fans and sign tickets, merchandise, and even the chest of one obsessive fan. This gave the opportunity for a meet and greet with the band and allowed the band to thank their allegiance of fans in Wollongong. The Blanks played a fantastic show that ultimately will remain with everyone for a long time. They plan to come back out next year for an even larger tour. If you miss The Blanks this time around be sure to catch them on their next Australian tour.



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