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The Clouds

The Clouds

The Clouds Plan New Music Following Reunion Shows

by Andrew Tijs on November 25, 2011

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Noise11 speaks to Jodi Phillis of ‘90s alt-pop masters the Clouds about new music and the reunion.

The Clouds

The Clouds

On the eve of their reunion shows, and following their re-emergence on tour with The Wonder Stuff and Jesus Jones, we had a chat with Jodi Phillis.

Alongside discussing everything else, Phillis teased us with the prospect of more finely-crafted pop from the cult band.

She notes that they’re already toying with their first new music as a full band since 1996.

“We always go in all directions at once,” she says of their new material. She can’t really explain the sound, suffice to say, “It just sounds like The Clouds. It has challenging chord progressions and interesting timing and pretty melodies”.

While the band are in separate cities, with much on the go, it’s possible to just pass musical ideas between members with new technology online. Phillis would prefer the magic to happen in a room together, though.

“There’s nothing like being in the same room together and nutting out the arrangements,” she admits, “It’s the way we work and I would say always will work.”

Phillis confirms that new music will come next year, as writing is flowing well and “it always has, and it always will.”

Check out the full interview below, where we discuss the band’s true independence, The Wonder Stuff and Jesus Jones tour, picking up songs again after 15 years, Phillis’ Gamma Rays and commercial music projects, and the legacy of the band.

The band recently polished off a Sydney reunion show, and have Fremantle and Adelaide in early December, with Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra dates next year.

The Clouds Reunion Shows

Friday 2 December – Fly By Night, Fremantle
Sunday 4 December – The Gov, Adelaide

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