The Stooges Documentary Gimme Danger To Screen In Sydney -
Gimme Danger

The Stooges Documentary Gimme Danger To Screen In Sydney

by Paul Cashmere on May 16, 2016

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The Jim Jarmusch documentary about The Stooges ‘Gimme Danger’ will have two screening during the Sydney Film Festival in June.

Jim Jarmusch is credited with 11 movies including ‘Dead Man’ starring Johnny Depp but ‘Gimme Danger’ is only the second documentary he has made after Neil Young’s ‘Year of the Horse’ in 1997.

Jarmusch has also occasionally dabbled in music video directing ‘The Lady Don’t Mind’ for Talking Heads and ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’ for Tom Waits.

‘Gimme Danger’ traces the career of Iggy Pop from his early days in Michigan and the creation of The Stooges with Dave Aalexander, Ron Asheton and Steve Asheton.

After just three albums that went virtually unnoticed in their day, The Stooges disintegrated. The three albums ‘The Stooges’ (1969), ‘Fun House’ (1970) and ‘Raw Power’ (1973) would later be discovered as the seeds of punk and go on to influence bands for decades right up to today.

The worldwide premiere of ‘Gimme Danger’ will take place at the Cannes Film Festival on May 19, 2016.

‘Gimme Danger’ can be seen in Sydney at the State Theatre at 9pm on June 17 and Event Cinema George Street at 3:45pm June 19 as part of the Sydney Film Festival.


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