The Voice Winner’s Song Failed To Make ARIA Top 40 -
Alfie Arcuri

The Voice Winner’s Song Failed To Make ARIA Top 40

by Paul Cashmere on July 16, 2016

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‘Cruel’, the Voice winner Alfie Arcuri’s showcase song, has failed to make the ARIA Top 40 Singles.

‘Cruel’ was released on Monday so it only had four days of sales but unlike every other song in the chart, it had the advantage if being showcased to over one million Australian’s on television the night before it was released. It was sitting at no. 139 on the iTunes chart late Saturday afternoon indicating an even worse week is on the way next week.

‘Cruel’ was in downward spiral mode from the moment it was released, failing to go higher than no 24 on the real time iTunes chart even two days after it was heard by 1.2 million television viewers on The Voice finale last Sunday.

Alfie still did okay for himself winning a car and $100,000 cash but the recording contract handcuffing him to Universal Music might as well be treated as a prison sentence.

Arcuri’s career will now go in a direction decided by the label as the result of some cleverly worded clauses in his reality TV show contract. Alfie will be tied to the label for the duration of the contract making it difficult for him to set his own musical path.

‘Cruel’ was a sausage factory conveyor belt production written the a team of J.R. Rotem (Gwen Stefani), Lindy Robbins (Jason Derulo), Sermstyle (Flo-Rida), JHart (Justin Bieber) and Xplicit (Fifth Harmony) with no clear artist in mind. The song is the equivalent of a mass produced Big Mac bought through a drive-thru.

The exercise once again serves as a warning to wanna-be pop stars who decide the easy path via a reality TV show. The sweet taste of a quick injection of fame is quickly smothered by the harsh reality of the industry when the TV cameras are switched off.

An album is to follow, that was part of the deal. Good luck with that.


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