The Voice Winner Alfie Arcuri Departs Top 40 Four Days After Release -
Alfie Arcuri

The Voice Winner Alfie Arcuri Departs Top 40 Four Days After Release

by Paul Cashmere on July 14, 2016

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2016 The Voice Australia winner Alfie Arcuri’s song ‘Cruel’ has fallen out of the iTunes Top 40 chart in its fourth day on sale.

The Voice pulled an audience of 1.2 million viewers on Sunday night for the finale episode where Arcuri performed ‘Cruel’ live for the Australian audience. The show regularly had over one million viewers for the previous 13 weeks suggesting that Brand Arcuri was well set-up for chart domination.

So what went wrong? Simple. Alfie was inflicted with a dog of a song that didn’t suit his style. Comments to Noise11 after our first story on Tuesday said, “Lousy song choice for such a great natural singer. Hope it doesn’t slow his career”, “The coaches get their big pay cheques and come and go” and “The Voice, Idol and similar talent quest TV franchises have nothing to do with music, simply a vehicle for celebrity judges to maintain a tenuous grip on some reality TV zeitgeist relevance”.

‘Cruel’ is sitting at no. 48 on today’s iTunes chart, after a lukewarm week at no. 36 on Wednesday, no. 24 on Tuesday and no. 37 on Monday.

The ARIA chart week runs from Friday to Thursday so the official chart on Saturday night will only account for four days of sales out of seven. However, the song had something no other song in the chart had this week – massive television exposure.

Based on the iTunes figures so far this week Alfie Arcuri ‘Cruel’ is projected to have sold around 1,400 downloads after its television ratings win. ARIA will weight the song with streams viewed from YouTube and listened to on Spotify but it is unlikely the song will debut in the ARIA Chart Top 40 on Saturday night.


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