TwitBits: Christina Perri, Skrillex, Bryan Adams, Kings Of Leon And More -
Bryan Adams at The Palais

TwitBits: Christina Perri, Skrillex, Bryan Adams, Kings Of Leon And More

by Andrew Tijs on January 4, 2012

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Christina Perri finds heaven, Skrillex wants to play to dogs, Bryan Adams watches prehistoric soccer coverage, Kings Of Leon and The Strokes start a book club, and heaps more.

Bryan Adams at The Palais

Bryan Adams at The Palais. Photo by Ros O'Gorman.

We’re back for the New Year and continue peeking into the thrilling lives of musicians on Twitter.

  • If Questlove from The Roots can still ask Diddy if he can break items with his mind, it means Diddy can’t.
  • One can only suspect a Skrillex concert for dogs would have the same effect on them as New Year’s fireworks.
  • Jared Followill from Kings Of Leon and Albert Hammond Jr from The Strokes seem to be starting their own book club, bless ‘em.
  • Tyler The Creator says that the OFWGKTA twitter account has been hacked. How could they ever tell? Are the hackers being polite or something?
  • The inimitable Henry Wagons hits the bar with an (Arctic) Monkey and a (Last Shadow) Puppet.
  • Strike one off the bucket list for Grizzly Bear – they finally found that painting of a heavily-nippled monkey excited by asparagus.
  • The Teflon Don, Mr Rick Ross is humbled by a six-figure bidding war over his new mixtape. But not so humbled that he won’t tweet about it.
  • Poppet Christina Perri finds heaven in what looks like an instragrammed photo of the Windows default wallpaper.
  • An unverified Anthony Keidis twitter account says: “My new year’s resolution for 2012 is to catch a live bird with my bare hands. Like, a healthy one.” I want to believe.
  • “Soccer will one day get instant replays”? What Third World network are you watching, Bryan Adams? Actually, the Third World networks would be better for soccer coverage.


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