VIDEO: Watch Paul McCartney Cameo On 30 Rock -
Paul McCartney surprise cameo on 30 Rock image

Paul McCartney surprise cameo on 30 Rock

VIDEO: Watch Paul McCartney Cameo On 30 Rock

by Paul Cashmere on April 29, 2012

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Sir Paul McCartney made a surprise cameo appearance on 30 Rock this week and by surprise we mean even star Alec Baldwin did not know.

Paul McCartney surprise cameo on 30 Rock

Paul McCartney surprise cameo on 30 Rock

For the season finale for the year 30 Rock was broadcast live twice, once for the east coast and then again three hours later for the west coast.

Sir Paul McCartney only appeared on the first live show. Kim Kardashian had the role in the second show.

At the start of the show Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is begging Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) to keep the fictitious TGS live. “TGS has to be live or we will lose all the excitement and spontaneity. That’s the beauty of live TV. Anything can happen,” she says setting up the scene.

Then in walks Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) who says “there’s a bathroom in here you can use … Sir Paul McCartney”.

Paul enters to thunderous screams from the live audience, waves, bows then walks over to a stunned Alec Baldwin who at this stage has his mouth wide-open gobsmacked. Paul shakes his hand, slaps his face and then walks off.

Towards the end of the show Paul comes back on and says that he slipped and hit his head in the bathroom and can’t remember who he is. Liz Lemon grabs his arm and tells him he is her boyfriend.

After the show Baldwin tweeted, “To be slapped on live TV by Sir Paul… #filethatinmydiaryunderperfect”

He added, “My humble + sincere thanks 2 the cast n crew of 30 Rock as we wrap Season 6 live on NBC. Tina, Robert, every1 at the show, congratulations”.

Watch the scene here:

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Paul McCartney surprise cameo on 30 Rock image
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