WSFM And KIISFM Reduce 2DAYFM To Ratings Rubble


WSFM And KIIS106 Reduce 2DAYFM To Ratings Rubble

by Paul Cashmere on September 30, 2014

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Australian Radio Network stations WSFM and KIIS106 in Sydney have once again dominated the radio survey with Austereo scoring its lowest every ratings result for 2DAYFM in decades.

WSFM is once again the number one FM radio station is Sydney and ARN sister station KIIS106 is at number two while the once jewel of the Austereo crown 2DAYFM has plummeted to its most embarrassing result since going on air in 1980. 2DAYFM now has a 3.6 audience share.

What is worse for Austereo, rock station 2MMM has also rated poorly pulling only a 5.4 share.

WSFM with its 9.5 share out-rates both the 2MMM and 2DAY added together. Even Sydney ABC youth station 2JJJ rates higher than 2DAYFM (5.3 vs 3.6) and is just .1 pint before 2MMM (5.3 vs 5.4).

The once powerful 2DAYFM has failed to deliver in every one of the core demographics, dropping to a single digit figure (9.2) for the first time in decades. As the audience gets older, the 2DAYFM figure gets worse with areas it once dominated reduced to ratings rubble. (18-24, 6.9; 25-39, 5.3).

2DAYFM’s high profile and expensive breakfast line-up featuring Sophie Monk, Jules Lund and Merrick Watts dropped to a 3.3 share.

KIISFM is the 2014 success story of Australian radio after National Content Director Duncan Campbell evolved Sydney’s MIXFM into today’s KIIS106FM.

The Australian Radio Network is also the home of iHeartRadio, featuring iHeartRadio Music News, powered by LISTEN live now.



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