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Danny Elfman

by Paul Cashmere on July 22, 2021

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When he first heard of Danny Elfman he was fronting US rock band Oingo Boingo. Australia liked Oingo Boingo. ‘Weird Science’ was a top 40 hit, so was ‘Stay’.

The ‘Weird Science’ soundtrack got Danny involved with Hollywood. His career took a turn when he started working on movies. There was ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’ in 1986. Not long after Danny was working on ‘Beetlejuice’, then ‘Batman’, ‘Dick Tracy’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’. Up to now he has done over 110 soundtracks.

And then there is The Simpsons Theme, probably his best know work. He talks about that in this interview … as well as ‘Big Mess’, his first solo album in 37 years. In fact it has been 25 years since his last Oingo Boingo album.

Danny Elfman caught up with Noise11’s Paul Cashmere.


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