Guy Pearce Plays The Toff REVIEW
Ros ogorman photo, guy pearce melbourne 2014

Guy Pearce photo by Ros O'Gorman

Guy Pearce Launches His Music Career At Melbourne’s The Toff

by Angela Black on November 13, 2014

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Although Guy Pearce may be best known to most as a credible actor- you wouldn’t doubt his fantastic musical ability after seeing him live last night at THE TOFF in Town.

Guy opened the show solo on the piano and performed the haunting title track to his debut album “Broken Bones”.

He then invited his band on stage as he welcomed everyone for coming as he beamed with excitement to see the sold out crowd’s strong interest in his music.

Guy then took to center stage with his guitar and performed “Storm” – the catchy first single off the album which was very well received by the crowd.

Following “Storm” he introduced the next song “Someone Else” by sharing the fact that it was an “old song” that his mate Matt Cameron (Australian playwright/screenwriter/director) helped him with, along with mentioning that Matt was present at the show.

Taking over on keys was Tim Neil who was not only a talented musician – but a mate that Guy said he has been friends with since the age of 5.

Guy then performed the Bowie-esq track “Overflow” with its strong crescendo and sweet harmonies from his 2 back-up singers.

He then shared a story about how Molly Meldrum, years ago, actually told him not to make a record and how ironic it was that Molly was celebrating 50 years in music last night, and while Guy who was actually invited to Molly’s event – obviously could be there because he had his own album launch!

He then sang the latest single off the album “Taste” with it’s funky groove and light rock undertones followed by “Fly all the Way” where Guy was able to execute a bit of his falsetto skills.
Guy then performed the beautiful ballad “Golden Heart” to the tentative audience who gave it a great reception.

Everyone could tell Guy was having a teriffic time on stage as he even had a bit of a dance with his back-up singers and graciously thanked everyone involved with his debut release.

He concluded his main set with the final track off the album with the poignant “Thank Your Lucky Stars for Light”.

For the encore Guy returned to the stage making a jestful comment on how he can relate to Mick Jagger (with his troat) then that did a a track that he specifically mentioned was not on the album, “Angel Eyes”.

Overall, it was great night of music and Guy was a real crowd pleaser along with his very talented backing band.

Thanks Guy for sharing your fine tune with us and proving to any skeptics out there that your talents go far beyong the stage and screen.

Guy Pearce, the Noise11 interview

Guy Pearce Performs Golden Heart at Noise11



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