Moby Opens Up About His Friendship With David Bowie To -
Moby photo by Ros O'Gorman

Moby photo by Ros O'Gorman

Moby Opens Up About His Friendship With David Bowie To

by Paul Cashmere on June 14, 2021

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As a scrawny kid Moby had to work hard and save up to buy his first David Bowie albums. He was 13 at the time. Years later, David Bowie would become one of his closest friends.

Moby told the story of his friendship with David Bowie to

Moby’s fascination with Bowie because as a 13 year old working as a caddy to save enough money to buy some Bowie albums. “That is still so surprising,” Moby tells “To put it into perspective, when I was 13 years old I got my first ever job as a caddy, carrying golf clubs. It was a very fancy gold course in Connecticut. I’m not a big person and when I was 13 I was very small. I was really a terrible caddy because to be a good caddy you have to be able to carry gold clubs. I would struggle to carry golf clubs. So they would give me the old golfers who moved more slowly and didn’t have a lot of clubs. I stuck with it and I made enough money to buy two David Bowie albums because he was my favourite musician of all time.”

Years later after finding fame and moving into a comfortable Manhattan district Moby discovered that Bowie was a neighbour. “Fast forward to 1999 and we became friends and we were neighbours and we went on tour together and holidays together,” Moby says. “We worked on music together. There is one moment that was so precious. He was in my apartment on Mott Street in the lower east side of New York. We played a version of the song ‘Heroes’ together, just the two of us on acoustic guitar. On this new album ‘Reprise’ I do a cover of ‘Heroes’ sort of us a tribute to that moment playing the greatest song ever written with my favourite musician of all-time”.

Moby’s ‘Reprise’ is out now through Deutsche Grammophon.

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